Property Management Services

What Makes Us Unique

Managing your individual property isn't only about daily building operations and association bookkeeping. It's about focusing on the bigger picture. Our integrated team approach evaluates each property and association's requirement for peak operating efficiencies, and maximum ownership values. Your property is more than a single unit or building, it's an investment in the entire business center.

At each property we manage, tomorrow's problems are foreseen, and tackled today. Whether pending snow is removed in a timely manner, or dealing with parking abuse, to citing and enforcing association policies, we are involved on a daily basis to address, and correct problems. Cost-efficiencies, sound policy and the professional settings are crucial aspects of our management methodology. We alleviate frustration and concern so each and every business can enjoy their full benefit of ownership.

Our business is minding your property management needs every day. Minimizing annual dues is achieved through our competitive vendor services shopping, contract negotiation, optimal communications and site inspections for work performed before settling the association's bill. Working with the Board to set sound fiscal policy, we keep long-term investment stability in sharp focus now and for the future. Providing computerized monthly, quarterly and annual financial summaries, we keep each association abreast of their financial situation. Researching the business needs of each Association, we evaluate, recommend and incite sound operational and fiscal policies. Recognizing the impact a professional setting has on visiting customers and property values, we pay attention to detail to achieve the right first impression.

We look forward to demonstrating our motto, "Our business is minding your property management needs today and for tomorrow".

Questions to ask your Property Management Company:


  • Is your current Management really full service?
  • Are they charging full price while providing less than full service?
  • Does your Management have a long-standing strong local presence that can provide your association value-added market services?
  • Are you paying more than 25% of your total operating budget for Management?
  • When did you last review your property management contract?


  • Is your current Management proactively operating your Business Park, or crisis managing each occurrence?
  • Do your common element areas present a professional and orderly business park?
  • Do you have effective Operations Standards & enforceable policies for your association members to adhere?
  • Do you experience problems with trash pick-up, snow removal, or unkempt landscape?

Annual operating budget (your monthly dues expense):

  • Does your Managing Agent have a limited administrative expense schedule, or can they surcharge on an unlimited basis?
  • Do your utility expenses contain cost spikes that indicate circuiting and/or usage problems?
  • Have your vendor contracts been renegotiated or shopped within the last year for the most competitive rate?
  • Do you have an effective accounts receivable policy that ensures timely dues payments?


  • Does your Managing Agent maintain regular consistent communication with all Board members and unit owners? Is there room for improvement?
  • Do you have a complete and accurate contact list for all owners and/or tenants?


  • Is your insurance bundled into a cost effective package policy?
  • Are you adequately insured for actual building replacement costs?
  • Does your Board of Directors have liability coverage independent of the association policy?
  • Does your Managing Agent provide Fidelity Bonding to protect against fraudulent or criminal activity?
  • Does your Managing Agent have an established company policy and procedures to safe guard the association.s funds?
  • Do checks in excess of capped funds require additional signatures?

Affect long-term investment value:

  • Is your current Management maximizing the future value of your property investment?
  • Are your Capital Reserves sufficient to avoid unexpected future assessments or loans?
  • When you're ready to sell your investment, will your prospective purchaser see a professional park attended by a sound fiscal policy, or will they see unkempt common areas, and face escalating assessments? Will they be encouraged by what they see and buy, or look elsewhere?

To discuss these questions in more detail, or for more information about our Professional Management Services, contact Ginnie Castaneda 703 996-0444 ext. 119 or

For Commercial Condominium Associations

Facilities Management:

  • General: CGR Commercial Management, LLC will assist and/or advise the Association and/or employees and contractors of the Association in matters related to the operation and maintenance of the Association, and cause the common property to be maintained, according to standards of the Association, state and/or local new and regulation, and the governing documents of the Association.
  • Contracts: CGR Commercial Management, LLC will recommend to the Association for approval, contracts from responsive and responsible contractors for work to be performed, based on written specifications established by the Agent, and approved by the Board of Directors, and/or the Association or in the case of major or non-standard work contracts, the Association's engineer. Whenever the size and nature of the contract dictates, competitive bidding procedures will be used.
  • Housekeeping: With Board approval, CGR Commercial Management, LLC will establish and implement work standards, job descriptions, contracts, and specifications for the cleanliness and housekeeping of the common property. The Property Manager will supervise, and direct any on-site housekeeping, and provide supervisory and managerial personnel to insure that the established level of cleanliness and condition of the property is maintained.
  • Emergency Service: CGR Commercial Management, LLC will establish and maintain a 24 hour, 7 day a week maintenance emergency system and will be responsive to emergencies affecting common areas. An emergency is defined as any condition of, in, or acting on the property, which, if not responded to promptly, could injure or damage or impose threat of injury or damage to property or persons. Included in the definition of an emergency are fire, flood, no common electricity, and gas and/or water service.
  • Inspections: Property Management will inspect common property as often as necessary to be knowledgeable and informed of the condition of the property. The Property Manager will conduct a complete inspection no less than annually and prepare a written inspection report on the matters needing attention with recommendations and a detail of the plan of action taken or to be taken, as part of the regular budget preparation.


The Property Manager, under the direction of the Board, and in conjunction with a qualified insurance broker and brokers, will solicit insurance upon the Association, as required by the governing documents of the Association and applicable law and all other insurance which the Board deems reasonably necessary to cover the risks to which the Association and the Agent in its activities, undertaken directly on behalf of the Association.


The Property Manager will supervise placing of orders for such items as equipment, tools, appliances, parts, materials, and supplies as are necessary to properly maintain the Association. All Contracts and orders for such items will be in the name of the Association. The Property Manager shall insure, in taking bids and issuing purchase orders, that the interest of the Association is served and the best value and price available for the quality and quantity of services and materials ordered be obtained. CGR Commercial Management, LLC will credit any discount, commission, rebate or concession obtained as a result of such purchases to the Association.


  • Records: The Property Manager will maintain and keep complete, accurate, and up-to-date, all of the books and records of the Association, including:

    • Association agreements
    • Accounting and financial records
    • Correspondence, notices and memoranda in connection with activities of the Association, its Board of Directors, and its Committees.

    All such records will be maintained on-site of the Association with some duplicate records maintained by the Office of the Agent if there is a secure operating on-site office and clerical staff on the property. Otherwise, the Agent will maintain all records at the office of the Agent.

  • Roster: Property Management will maintain a roster of all owners, tenants, off-site addresses of non-resident owners, agents, and trustees and mortgages holding mortgages or deed of trust on Association Units to the extent that information is provided to the Agent.
  • Disclosure Packet: The Property Manager will supply a disclosure package to a seller or seller's agent who makes such request in writing to the Association. Disclosure packet shall be provided within 14 days of receipt of such request. The Board of Directors or its appointed committee(s) shall provide Agent with any necessary information so requested by Agent to complete this obligation, including but not limited to status of pending suits or violations of the Association's governing documents which may exist on the seller's lot.
  • Membership Notices and Communication: At the direction of the Board and at the expense of the Association, the Property Manager will send all notices of meetings of Association owners or of the Board meetings to its members and all parties entitled to copies. The Agent will, upon request, prepare draft notices and other meeting materials for the Board's approval.
  • Rules and Regulations: Property Management will assist the Association in the administration and enforcement of Its Rules, Regulations, By-laws, and other Instruments by notifying and informing owners and other occupants who may be in violation of Association instruments and/or policies.
  • Association Meetings and Reports: Upon reasonable notice, a representative of CGR Commercial Management, LLC will attend up to four Board of Directors meeting, one annual meeting, 1 - 2 budget planning meetings per year. The Property Manager will prepare and deliver a report prior to regularly scheduled meetings and shall include financials, status on contracts, status of administration, as well as recommendations.